Tuesday, August 31, 2010

$2 Nivea Coupon

Buy 2 Nivea Lip Care products, get $2 off using this coupon.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Viva! Papertowel Coupon

Click here to get a coupon for $.50 off 2 Viva! Big Rolls

Free Makeover or Sample

Click here to download a coupon for a free makeover at Sephora or trial size bottle of Lorac eye primer or lip gloss. Offer expires 9/22/2010, only valid at Sephora locations within a J.C. Penny store.

Free Bottle of Sauce

Get a coupon for a free bottle of Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Planning for CVS 8/23

Things are well in CVS Land this week - many good deals to be had! This is my plan of attack:

Transaction #1:
1 Blink Tears (limit one) $7.99, Earn $7.99 ECBs
1 Listerine Zero (limit two) $3.99, Earn $2 ECBs
-$1.50/1 Blink Tears
-$2/1 Listerine Zero
- Use $7.99 ECBs from last week

Total: $0.49, Earned $9.99 ECBs

Transaction #2:
10 Fuze Drinks 10 for $10, Earn 5 ECBs
-Use $9.99 ECBs from above

Total: $.01, Earned $5 ECBs

Transaction #3:
2 Crest Pro Health Gum Protection $3.49 each, Earn 5 ECBs
-2 $.75/1 Crest Coupon (8/1 P&G)
-Use $5 ECBs from above

Total: $.48, Earned $5 ECBs

Transaction #4:
2 Glade Sense & Spray Starter Kits $5 each, Earn 3 ECBs
1 Listerine Zero $3.99, Earn 2 ECBs
-2 $3/1 Glade Starter Kit
-$2/1 Listerine Zero
-Use 5 ECBs from above

Total: $0.99, Earned $5 ECBs

Total: $1.97 Out of Pocket, 5 ECBs to use next week

I really, really need this

How cool is this? I see the possibility for endless fun.

Guest Post!

Amber over at Southern Illinois Money Savers. Asked me to write a guest post for her about giving! I am so honored! Check her out...

Friday, August 20, 2010

Pass it Forward: 8/15-8/21

This week we are able to give:

2 Right Guard Deodorants
2 boxes of Hamburger Helper
6 boxes of Barilla Whole Wheat Noodles
2 boxes (8ct) Honest Kids juice pouches

$28.22 worth of groceries that we got for $2.49. Maximizing our savings also means maximizing our giving!

Are you giving from your bounty? Where do you give?

Success at Publix - 8.19


6 boxes of whole wheat Barilla pasta (3 $1/2 Man) : $1.17
4 Kids Cuisine Meals (4 $1/1 Target, 1 $1/2 Man Q - All You 05/10) : -$0.22
4 boxes Hamburger Helper (2 $1/2 Target, 1 $.75/3 Man Q 8/8 RP) : $1.15
2 boxes Finish Dish Detergent (2 $1/1 Man) : $4.99
2 24ct bottles of Excedrin Tension headache (2 $1/1 Man) : $0.98
2 24ct bottles of Excedrin Migraine (2 $1/1 Man Qs 7/11 RP) : $0.98
2 boxes Pepperidge Farms Crisps (2 $1/1 Man) : $1.49
2 45ct boxes of Hefty trash bags (2 $1/1 Man) : $4.89
2 containers of Planters Peanuts (2 $1/1 Target, 1 $1/2 Man) : $2.89
2 packages of Chips Ahoy! cookies (1 $.75/2 Man 8/8 SS) : $2.94
6 boxes of Honest Kids juice pouches (6 $1/1 Whole Foods, 6 $.75/1 Man) : $10.44
Bartlett Pears $.99/lb : $2.13
Pluto Plums $.99/lb : $.97

Total Before Coupons: $70.02

- Publix $5/50
- World Market $10/30
- 2 Save-a-Lot $5/20
- Rain Check on Honest Kids Drinks (B3, G3): $10.47

Total: $.04 Out of Pocket, Saved $49.14 in sales and $58 in coupons: $107.14 or 99.96%.

We literally paid 4 pennies for all this stuff.

Picture to come...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Final Publix Plan

I am ready to put this plan into action! I'll post photos of my bounty after I have prevailed! ;)

You 'Go Girl'

What is this creepy looking thing for? It's pink and the word 'girl' is in the title, so I will assumed it's for women. Other than that I couldn't figure it out. Some kind of torture/contraceptive device? Part of a breast pump? The weird see-through sketch reminds me of those awful diagrams inside every tampon box showing you exactly how to insert them...

Have you guessed yet? If not, give it a try.

Ok. It's a stand-up-and-pee tool. Yeah, that's right. Ladies, we no longer have to squat. Camp without fear, hike confidently. Just make sure you have your pink faux penis with you. Who would have thought freedom would be this disturbing?

What I really want to know: How long before that thing smells to high heaven? Cleaning that phallic funnel after ever use seems much worse to me than the alternative. Thanks, but no thanks.

Sometimes all you need is a laugh...

Having one of those days? I am. But I read this and it made me laugh. A few weeks ago I was having another prize-winning day and turned to this post. Ahh... the somewhat inappropriate remarks are somehow very refreshing.

$5 off $15 purchase at Ted's Montana Grill

Download your coupon here! Expires 9/19/2010

Stayfree Sample

Get a free sample!

Free Sample from Dove

To get a free sample of Dove Daily Treatment Conditioner click here. I like to try things for free, maybe you do, too. :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

CVS Trip 8.17

My CVS Trip looked a little different than expected. The candies weren't on sale in the right size, and the deodorant was more expensive. I still did alright, though.

Transaction 1:

Gillette ProGlide Razor
$9.99, Earn $5 ECBs
Gillette ProGlide Razor (8/8 P&G)

Purex Laundry Sheets
$5.99, Earn 2 ECBs
- $3/1 Purex Complete 3-in-1 Laundry Sheets Coupon (8/15 RP)

4 Right Guard Deodorants
$4.49 (B1G1) $8.98
-2 $3/2 Printables (no longer available)

Total: 13.71 (including tax), Earned $7 ECBs

Transaction 2:

Blink Tears
$7.99, Earn $7.99 ECBs
-$1.50/1 Printable
-Use $5 ECBs from above

Total: $1.49 (including tax), Earned $7.99 ECBs

Grand Total:
$15.20 OOP, Saved $15.98 on sales and $19.50 in Qs (70%), $9.99 in ECBs left over to use next week.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Planning for Publix: 8/15 - 8/21

This is just my blueprint... A few things usually change before my Thursday night shopping trips. Also, if I can't find the varieties I need for me coupons to be valid I also have to make alterations. This is a start, though. If all goes as planned, my total before coupons will be $58.13, after coupons it should be $4.15. Under $5 for 34 items is okay by me.

I had to cut off the part of my spreadsheet where I list my coupons. I will post them for you later. :)

To Risk, or Not to Risk?

All this thinking about moving has me feeling excited, adventurous, and a little scared. The town we would be moving to is a little 4 hours from where we are currently and a little under 2 hours from our families' homes. We don't know anyone in this town and it is quite small - small enough that I don't know that I will be able to find even part-time work (thankfully his salary would cover everything we need, but I would like to have the option). Hubby currently has a job that makes up the difference between my salary and the amount required by bills, but that's all it does. We have a tiny, and I mean tiny, emergency fund, credit card debt and student loans. So... if we move and things go south we very well may end up having to sell everything we have and move in with Hubby's parents. I love his parents and honestly, as far as living with family goes, I can't imagine a better situation. I would just like to love them from my own house. You understand.
On the other hand, should things be as we hope, this job/move would be like being led out of the desert into the promised land. You think I'm being melodramatic. I'm not. We've been married almost 14 months, and have been spinning our proverbial wheels both financially and in regard to careers. We're just ready. Do I hear a "set, go"?

I want to relocate, but I don't want to move...

Hubby and I are facing the very real possibility of a move. Nothing is for sure, but if the decision is made it will likely be a very quick move... as in a month or less. Being the Type A personality that I am, I naturally want to be as prepared as possible for if/when that gun goes off and it is time to go. I am resisting (successfully at the moment, but I can't comment on my stamina) the urge to take all the books off my shelves and box them up. I mean, I can always put them back if we end up staying, right? I am researching moving strategies... no joke... and thinking through the best ways to go about the task, should it present itself. I just want to do something, anything that will make me feel more prepared. I would really welcome the transfer, I just wish there was a simple way to move our stuff.

I find this picture completely amusing. I look nothing like this when I move. 1) I generally have at least one meltdown the day of 2) They aren't sweaty 3) Is that make-up I see? 4) Their house is clean.

CVS $5 Challenge 8/15 - 8/21

Transaction 1:

Blink Tears $7.99
- $1.50/1 Manufacturer Q

Spend: $6.49,
Earn $7.99 ECBs

Transaction 2:

4 Right Guard Deodorants - B1G1 @ $3.29 - $6.58
-2 $3/2 Manufacturer Q (no longer available)

18 pks Sour Patch Kids - B2G1 @ $.89 - $10.68
$4/6 Various Brands – Gum, Candy or Halls Coupon (8/8 SS)
-2 $2/3 Various Brands – Gum, Candy or Halls Coupon (8/8 SS)

Gillette Pro Glide Razor - $9.99 (Earn $5 ECBs)
- $4/1 (P&G 8/8)

Purex 3-in-1 Sheets $5.99 (Earn $2 in ECBs)
- $3/1 Purex Complete 3-in-1 Laundry Sheets Coupon (8/15 RP)

Total: $8.24 - $7.99 ECBs from above = $.25

Total Spent: $6.74, ECBs for next week: $6, saved $34.49

Friday, August 13, 2010

Totals for the Week of 8/8 to 8/14

Between CVS and Publix we bought $259.46 worth of groceries. We paid (out of pocket) $27.96.

After MIRs we will have paid $10.49 net.

This weeks total savings is $307.96 (97.8%).

Below is what we will be giving to charity this week... Remember to share your wealth!

This Week's CVS Purchases - Money Back!

This week I bought:

2 Schick Hydro 3 Razors
2 Schick Hydro Shaving Creams
2 Nivea Shaving Creams
1 Dulcolax Balance (14 dose)
2 Arm & Hammer 14lb boxes of cat litter

I spent $10 even on all of the above and saved $54.73 (84.55%).

I am getting MIRs equal to $17.94, which means...

I EARNED $7.94 on my CVS shopping!

Publix Trip 8.12

We kicked Publix's butt yesterday. Here's how:

4 packages of Del Monte Fruit cups (BOGO @ 2.79) $5.58 - 4 $1/1 Target Qs, 1 $.75/3 Man Q: $.83

2 22ct packages of Stay Free pantyliners $1.99 ea - 1 B1G1 Man Q, 2 $1/1 Man Qs: Free

4 packages of Orville Red. popcorn (BOGO @4.89) $9.78 - 1 $1.50/4 Congara Products Q and 2 $.40/1 Man Q: $7.48

2 Kashi cereals (on sale 2/$5) $5 - 2 $2.50/1 BJs coupons: Free

4 Kelloggs Mini wheats cereals (BOGO @ $4.19) $8.38- 2 $1/2 Man Qs, 4 $1/1 Target Qs: $2.38

1 Kelloggs Granola Bars $3.19 - $.70/1 Man Q: $2.49

4 boxes HonestKidz Fruit drinks -not pictured(BOGO @ $3.49) $6.98- 4 $1/1 World Market Qs, 4 $.75/1 Man Qs: Free

2 bags Tyson Chicken Nuggets (BOGO @ $6.59) $6.59- 2 $2.50/1 BJs Qs, 2 $1/1 Man Q: +$.41

2 Smart Balance Spreads (BOGO @ 3.09) $3.09 - no Qs :(

2 packages Barber Chicken (BOGO @ $4.99) $4.99 - 2 $1/1 Man Qs: $2.99

4 packages Aunt Jemima waffles (BOGO @ 2.39) $4.78 - 4 $1/1 Target Qs: $.78

6 packages of BIC mechanical pencils (3/$3) $6- 3 $1/2 Man Qs, 3 $1/2 Target Qs: Free

2 Pilot Pens ($.99 ea) $1.98 - 2 $1/1 Man Q: $.02

4 packages Papermate pens (2/$1) $2- 4 $.50/1 Man Qs: Free

3 Herbal Essences Products ($1.99 ea) $5.97 - B1G1 (up to $3.28) -$3.28: $2.69

1 Aussie Styler product $3.49 - B1 Herbal Ess, G1 Aussie (up to $3.28): $.11

1 Publix Medicated Shampoo: $4.99 no coupons :(

4 bags Friskies Cat Food (BOGO @ $4.09) $8.18 - 4 $.75/1 Target Qs, 3 $1/1 Man Qs: $2.18

2 bags Purina cat treats ($1.69 ea) $3.38 - 1 B1G1 up to $1.89 Man Q, 1 $1/2 Purina treats Target Q: $.49

Frank's Hot Sauce $2.39 - $.50/1 Man Q: $1.89

Apples ($1.49/lb) $2.07 -
$1/1 Produce item Target Q: $1.07
Bananas ($.69/lb) $.81 - $1/1 Produce item Target Q: $.19

6 Eggs: $.75

1 package Perdue boneless skinless chicken breast: $4.01

1 package Chuck Steak: $3.29

1 Half Picnic roast: $4.81

1 $5/50 Publix coupon : $5

1 $10/30 World Market coupon: $10

3 $5/20 Save-a-Lot coupons: $15

Total after coupons: $17.96

But, wait - it gets better. I bought 5 Kelloggs products at one time and have sent a MIR for $5/5 Kellogg products to the manufacturer.

That brings my total spending to $13.43! Total Savings on Sales: $84.32, Savings from Coupons: $90.55 for total savings of $195.30 or 93.57%!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

CVS $5 Challenge

This is my first true attempt to take the CVS $5 challenge. I'm a little confused about the rules, but I'm going to jump in anyway. This is my plan:

Transaction 1:

1 Schick Hydro Razor @ $8.97 + 4 ECB
- $5/1 Schick Hydro (SS 8/8/10)
- Free Razor (up to $10.99) after MIR

1 Schick Hydro Shaving Cream
- Free Shaving cream peelie on razor package

2 Nivea Men's face lotions, B1G1 starting at $2.99
- $4/2 Nivea face lotions

Total: $1.28 (including tax), earned 4 ECB

Transaction 2:

1 Schick Hydro Razor @ $8.97 + 4 ECB
- $5/1 Schick Hydro (SS 8/8/10)
- Free Razor (up to $10.99) after MIR
- Use 4 ECBs from above

1 Schick Hydro Shaving Cream
- Free Shaving cream peelie on razor package

Total: $.89 (including tax)

Transaction 3:

1 Dulcolax Balance, 8.3oz @ $9.99 + $9.99 ECB
- $3/1 Dulcolax Balance

Total: $7.68 (including tax), earned $9.99 ECBs

Transaction 4:

2 14lb cases of Arm & Hammer Cat Litter @ $5.99
- 2 $1/1 any Arm & Hammer Cat Litter
- Use $9.99 ECBs from above

Total: $0

Grand Total: $10.85 out of pocket. I will receive $17.94 from MIRs giving me EARNINGS of $7.09! Not too shabby!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Freaky Finger Puppet

For those of you who are getting bored with sock puppets, I have a treat for you. May I present the Bedazzled Tampon Finger Puppet. Ta-Da!

Yes, that's right. Some genius decided to take a tampon, glue sequins to it and call it a toy.

Scary? I think so.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Challenge - I don't know if I could do this...

I just read this article... Man! That would kind of be nice, but what a commitment! What do you think?

Monday, August 9, 2010

$1 off Any 1 Produce Item (Target Coupon)

This is a great coupon (especially if your Publix accepts Target as a competitor). I plan on using one to buy a cantaloupe (on sale for $2)... I have never bought one for $1 before. I'm excited. Click here. You'll have to scroll down through a few, but it's worth it. Enjoy!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Shopping Trip 8/05

The top picture is of our CVS shopping trip. As you can see, we bought 4 Sobe drinks and a bottle of Dawn Hand Renewal dish soap. Sobes were B1G1, and we had 2 B1G1 manufacturer coupons - Free drinks. The dish soap was on sale for $.97 and we had a manufacturer coupon for $1/1 any size. So... we got everything in the first picture for sales tax - $.30. The only other thing I can think of that nears that price is a gumball.

Picture number two is our Publix shopping trip:

8 bottles of Ragu (BOGO at $2.53), we had 4 Publix $1/2 Qs as well as 2 man. $1/2
6 bottles of Mott's Medleys Juice (BOGO at $2.99), we had 6 $1/1 Food Lion Qs
2 bottles of Vlasic pickles (BOGO at $2.89), we had 2 $.75/1 blinkies
1 bag of cat food (on sale for $2.99), we had a $1.50/1 man Q
2 Coffee Mate creamers ($2.50 ea.), we had 2 $.75/1 man Q
2 Progresso broths (BOGO at 2.59) - no Qs :(
4 packs of healthy harvest noodles (BOGO at $1.79) - 2 $1/2 man Qs
2.03 lbs of Georgia peaches (on sale for $.89/lb) $1.81
2 Nabisco variety packs (BOGO at $5.99), we had 2 $2.50/1 BJs Qs, and 1 $1/2 man Q (FREE!)
1 bottle of Publix cocoa butter $3.49, Publix coupon for a free one
1 bottle of Publix rubbing alcohol $1.49, Publix coupon for a free one
6 packs of BIC mechanical pencils (on sale 3/$3), we had 3 $1/2 Target coupons

This brought our total up to $52.42 before Qs

That same day Hubby Dear went to get the mail and came back elated to find a $5/50 Publix coupon in this week's mailer. (He also grabbed 4 other mailers that other people in our complex had thrown away, enthusiastically stating "It's like their throwing away $5 bills!" Ah... I am so proud.) Hubby Dear poured over the mailer to see if there was anything else "good" while I organized the coupons for our trip. Lo and behold, but he finds a World Market coupon for $10 off a $30 purchase. Well! Isn't that nice! We weren't sure if Publix accepts WM as a competitor, but fortune favors the bold and they took it. :)

After Qs we paid $6.94 plus $.67 in sales tax. Oh Beautiful Day!

At Publix we saved : $53.49 by shopping sales
$45.48 by using coupons
$98.97 Total Savings or Savings of 93.44%

Overall (both Publix and CVS) we got $113.24 worth of groceries for $6.94 plus tax.
Grand Savings Total - $106.30 or 93.87%

Our best week yet!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Housewife Fail

I worked on my domestic skills last night. I made dinner (which is becoming more and more rare) and banana bread (which Hubby Dear loves). This morning however, I woke up an hour earlier than usual to a strange smell. "Is that gas?" Yes. It was. One of my burners looked like it was off, but was still leaking. Awesome. Nothing like airing out your house at 6 am.

I am very, very grateful that we are okay (cats and all). I know that could have made the news. Now I am super paranoid and quite antsy to get a electric stove.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Hubby Dear is in a phone interview as I write... I am so hopeful! I really have to exert energy to keep from jumping at any chance to leave here and quit my job. I am so ready to "start fresh." I know we shouldn't take a job just because it is offered (and there has been no offer yet), but the mere possibility is exhilarating!

Soon I may be able to be this woman (only with better hair)...

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Marriage Challenge - Day 12 (8/3)

Why is it so much easier to cut acquaintances slack than those we love the most? Is it that we don't have to deal with them as often, making their flaws less noticeable? Or is it simply that we don't care for them as much? A fault (even a rather pronounced one) in a casual friend isn't as concerning to us because we aren't as invested in them in the same way that we in our family. Maybe we feel no responsibility for them... it's their life, who are we to interfere? Our parents, siblings, spouses and children on the other hand, are a completely different story. Not only do we want them to be as perfect as possible, we have had much time to acquaint ourselves with their every blemish. We feel our relationship gives us the right, nay, the responsibility to intervene on their behalf and save them from themselves.

I find myself repeating "It is not my job to fix them." The only one who can seems to take His time, and works on me in the process.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Sneak Peak is up!

Michelle at iheartpublix.com has posted the BOGO Sneak Peak for 8/5 - 8/11!

$5 off $25 Competitor Coupon

Go here to get a little extra savings. You have to sign up, but for $5 it's worth it.