Friday, August 20, 2010

Pass it Forward: 8/15-8/21

This week we are able to give:

2 Right Guard Deodorants
2 boxes of Hamburger Helper
6 boxes of Barilla Whole Wheat Noodles
2 boxes (8ct) Honest Kids juice pouches

$28.22 worth of groceries that we got for $2.49. Maximizing our savings also means maximizing our giving!

Are you giving from your bounty? Where do you give?


  1. Hi Katie, Love your site. Hey, I've been unable to find Honest Kids juice pouches any more! I was wondering if they went out of business. blessings, amy

  2. No, they are definitely still in business. Honest Kids is a branch of the Honest Tea line. It may just not be a big seller at your store... the manager may choose not to stock it. I do think it is generally expensive. $3.50 for 8 pouches is a little high. You may be able to find it a Whole Foods or some other health food store. You can find out for sure by checking here:

  3. Where is a good place in Jacksonville to donate?

  4. I like to give deodorant, razors and sunscreen to the Sulzbacher Center (homeless shelter/outreach), food to my church's food pantry (Northside Fellowship at 10310 Lem Turner Rd) and household items to the Hubbard House (shelter for domestic abuse victims).