Sunday, November 14, 2010

Shopping Trip 11/6

8 Toaster Strudel (BOGO @ $2.39) = $9.56
minus 4 1 Box Free coupons = $0

2 cartons of Hood Simply Smart Milk (BOGO @ $3.59) = $3.59
minus 2 $1 off 1 Man Q's = $1.59

2 7.5 oz tub of Country Crock butter spread (BOGO @ $1.69) = $1.69
minus 2 $.50 off 1 Target Q's and 2 $.40 off 1 Man Q's = $.89

2 Schick Quattro Titanium Razors (BOGO @ $8.99) = $8.99
minus 2 $2 off 1 Man Q (10/24/2010 Smart Source Insert) = $4.99

2 16oz Coffee Mate Creamers (4 for $6) = $3
minus 2 $1.50 off 1 Man Q's = $0

2 boxes of Krusteaz Cookie Mixes (BOGO @ $2.19) = $2.19
minus 2 $.55/1 Man Qs (blinkies) = $1.09

2 12 oz cans of Maxwell House Coffee (2 for $5) = $5
minus 2 $1 off 1 Man Q's (9/26 Smart Source Insert) and 1 $2/2 Target Q's = $1

1 50 oz Bottle of Wisk laundry detergent (On sale for $4.49) = $4.49
minus 1 $2 off 1 Target Q and 1 $1 off 1 Man Q = $1.49

2 bags of Rold Gold Pretzels (BOGO @ $2.99) = $2.99

1 Yellow Onion = $.35

1 bunch of Garlic = $.33

1 Bag of Carrot Chips = $1.69

6 eggs = $.79

The total before coupons came to $44.66, so we used a $5 off $20 Publix Coupon and a $5 off $30 Aldi Coupon ($34.66). After subtracting all the coupons listed above, we owed only $7 (plus $.88 in tax).

After all coupons, our grand total (including tax) was $7.88. That gives us a savings rate of 90.5% for this week! Woot!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

For the "Least of These"

I recently learned of a ministry/charity called Reece's Rainbow. This organization has multiple goals, however its primary function is to find adoptive homes for disabled children living in institutions. My heart is especially touched by this organization's function, as my youngest brother has Down's Syndrome.
My brother, Joseph, and Me
The need for the intervention Reece's Rainbow provides is great. Disabled children in other countries are often not allowed to leave the hospital with their mothers. They are funneled into mental institutions for children, generally called "baby houses," until they are somewhere between 4 and 6 years old. At that age they are put in adult institutions from where adoption is all but impossible. In many of the baby houses and adult institutions, the residents are kept sedated in order to make them more manageable. They are kept in cribs almost all day, sometimes even tied to them. This is one such institution. To make matters worse, international adoption costs $15,000 on the low end, sometimes soaring to $30,000. There are a lot of would-be parents who simply can't afford this.

 The need is so great that it it easy to be discouraged. However, here is an easy way to help. Jennifer over at MckMama is trying to raise $20,000 to help one little boy named Sam. You can make a secure donation (as little as $1) to Sam's adoption fund (which is managed by Reece's Rainbow, a 501(c)3 non-profit) below, help fund a adoption of a family who has already committed to a child, or choose another child to support individually.
Sam (from Mckmama's Blog)
These kids are desperate for love, affection and compassion. They are surely those our Lord refers to in Matthew 25: 37-40: "Then the righteous will answer him, 'Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you something to drink? When did we see you a stranger and invite you in, or needing clothes and clothe you? When did we see you sick or in prison and go to visit you?' "The King will reply, 'I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.' "

Monday, October 4, 2010

Blockbuster Express Code for a Free Movie

Rent a movie tonight - for free! Use code MDVD1 at the kiosk or at The code expires at midnight tonight (10/04).

2 Year Lego Magazine Subscription - Free!

If you have a kid 6 years or under who can't get enough of Legos, here's something for you. Now you can get a free 2 year subscription to LEGO Magazine! Click here and follow the prompts.

Note: That link is for US delivery. For the UK, click here. For Ireland, click here.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Have a book? Want a cookie?

Great American Cookies is hosting a book drive! Simply bring a brand new or gently used book to your local location between 10am and 2pm. They'll give you a cookie for your contribution. Sweet deal!

New Arm & Hammer Coupons

Click Here for $10.50 in new coupons!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Publix Trip Tomorrow!

Since we're moving, I'm trying to keep us eating out of our fridge, pantry and freezer for the most part. That being said, I am planning on buying:

8 packages of Pledge Dusters (BOGO @ $3.99) - I will use 4 $2/2 Target Qs and 4 $2/2 Man Qs (9/26 SS)
1 3lb bag of apples @ $1.99
This brings my total to: $1.95 and my savings to over $32. Not too shabby.

I love dust cloths... and we're going to need them with all this moving business.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Free Blockbuster Express Rental

Like free movies? Click here to reserve a title online for free. Type in the code "SSD19B" to make it free! Just pick it up at the location most convenient for you and enjoy!

Offer expires 9/30

Monday, September 27, 2010

Search for Casa de Wadley, Part 2

Over the course of the day we visited several homes, with varying degrees of success. We ended up with three possibilities, but we aren't crazy about any of them. Some were in bad parts of town, others won't allow pets, and still others were ridiculously expensive.

Hubby and I are trying to remain full of faith that the Lord has something for us. It isn't that we are refusing to take anything other than perfection, but we don't want to settle for anything other than God's best for us. I feel that to do that would be a deliberate decision not to trust Him. We know He has it all under control. "God is Sovereign," I keep repeating to myself. He has brought us this far, practically dropped this position into our laps, and cleared the path for us. Still...sometimes serving a last-minute God is really stressful!

Search for Casa de Wadley, Part 1

Hubby and I spent the weekend looking for our new abode. The trip was... eventful. It started with me ever so sweetly offering to drive down so over-tired hubby could sleep. This went just fine (since I had a book on CD) until the rain hit. Then came traffic. Then traffic and rain together.

I knew most of the way since we had a straight shot down I-95 then took I-4 through Orlando - both of these roads are familiar territory, so I drove along with no concern. Until Hubby woke up and asked where we were. "Still North of Lakeland" I replied confidently. "What?!" my groggy husband exclaimed. I assured him he shouldn't worry because he told me I didn't have to look for US 27 (our exit) until we were South of Lakeland. Apparently, he thought he was telling me that our destination was South of Lakeland. Oops. We were practically in Tampa.

Given my directional challenges, we should have set the GPS up the second we knew I was going to drive. Just for safety's sake. Now we had added an extra 45 minutes to our trip. Great.

When we checked in to our hotel, I thought the worst was over. Wrong.

After struggling to make it through the night, our alarm didn't go off. The result was a mad scramble to get to the restaurant in time for breakfast. There's nothing like starting a long day in a rush.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Nothing Good Comes from 2 am Postings, but I'm Doing it Anyway

It's 2:28 am.

I'm awake.

I hate it.

I'm not awake because I'm sick. I'm not up because I'm taking care of someone else who is sick. I'm up because I am staying at a pretty icky hotel (by my standards anyway). This is my first, and hopefully last, experience sleeping at an Econo-Lodge. Why the fancy diggs, you ask? Because it's the best Sebring, FL has to offer.

I knew from the time we pulled up that this was going to be bad. There's not anything "wrong" with the place, per se, it just has that feel to it. When we walked in our room was definitely cool and even more definitely humid. Ick. There is no mini iron (that I was counting on to chase the wrinkles out of my Sunday morning skirt), puny curtains that don't quite block the light from the blaring hall fixtures, and no clock in the room anywhere. Also featured are: pillows that are so over-stuffed you could break your neck on them and toilet whose lever must be held down for 20 seconds before it will flush.

Add to this situation a recently viewed program on bed bugs and you have a recipe for hotel disaster.

That hubby of mine booked this place at the suggestion of a friend. I'm really beginning to think that we need to go to the Residence Inn or Holiday Inn Express tomorrow night.

I am in total disbelief that I will have to wake up for an 8:30 breakfast tomorrow. Even worse, I will be meeting some people we will be working closely with for the first time. Any thoughts I had about being charming are quickly evaporating. 

You are my nemesis.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Going Green

Lately I've been feeling convicted about how I treat/mistreat the environment. My sweet husband lovingly asked me if I am becoming "one of those tree-hugging crazies." I don't think I am, although some changes that I am considering will be out of the American norm. Here are some of the things that I have been considering (and no I am not committing to make these changes - just pondering):

1. After we move I want to stop buying paper napkins and towels. This is the easiest one, I think. Not only will it save a lot of money, but our classy factor will increase a hundred fold if we eat with cloth napkins every night.

Martha would approve.

2. Feminine products. Yeah, I know. Super nasty. The idea of using one of these things more than once makes me cringe, too. But, think about it. They're expensive. They're wasteful. The good news: we have options. Pads, tampons and... diva cups? I am afraid that the tampons would give me an instant case of TSS, but that may just be my grossed-out sensibilities talking.

Admit it. You think the owls are cute. And it has snaps!

3. When we have kids (no Mom, I'm not pregnant) I really, really want to use cloth diapers and wipes. Yes, there will be a lot of laundry but I think it would be worth it between the savings and the decreased incidence of diaper rash and other un-pleasantries.

Teach 'em young

4. Number three made me think: How hypocritical is it to make your kid use cloth diapers when you use trees to wipe your butt? This is the thing on my list with the biggest "ick factor." I know that for thousands of years people went to the bathroom with out a toilet, much less toilet paper, but it's just so - expected, and normal, and nice, and easy. There are, however, many alternates to tp. Some people use cloth wipes, other simply get a bidet. I'm leaning towards a bidet, but I think this may be where the green train stops. I would rather be married. I still maintain that cutting down trees to wipe your butt and immediately throw away is the ultimate waste.
See. It's not that scary...
5. Switch to a CatGenie rather than using our current nasty box and traditional litter. Cat litter is terrible for the environment. It is bad to make and worse to throw away. Making this alteration would also allow us to make change #6.

6. Switch to re-usable grocery bags rather than plastic. This is something that I really want to do, but, we have cats. Our cats have a litter box. It has to be cleaned out. We have to have a place to put their... deposits. That place is a plastic bag. See our predicament? Save us, CatGenie!

I'm going to stop this list here, lest I overwhelm myself. 6 is a good start, after all. I'll keep you updated as to our progress. I will say that we have switched to using CFL bulbs almost exclusively, so that's good right?

Free Toaste Strudel

You have the chance to win yourself some free Toaster Strudel! Register to play the game here. I have played four times and yesterday I won four free boxes! Yay! You can play once per day per email address. They mail the coupons to you within 5-6 weeks. Try your luck!

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Weird Humor

I don't know exactly why I find this so hilarious, but I found it here and thought I would share. Enjoy!

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy First Day of Autumn!

Welcome, Autumn!
We're glad you're here...
Stay Awhile

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With a Little Help from my Friends...

Sum of all Fears

Hubby and I have started the task of boxing up our life. It is shocking how much junk we have. I have gone through each room with a trash bag and just tossed things that are obviously trash: old receipts lying on the counters, junk mail, etc. I then went through the drawers of my dressing table (gasp), which had a shocking abundance of bent up bobby pins, 2-year-old lipstick, broken blush, and ink-less pens. Trash. I moved on to the bathroom. I cleaned out the medicine cabinet, the drawers and the cabinets and found - trash.

What is wrong with me? I never use lip-liner, so why on earth did I have three of them? Trash. Broken compact? Trash. Mini bottles of shampoo and conditioner? Homeless shelter. I got into a really nice groove. I felt good. I was making progress.

I was also watching Hoarders on Netflix while I was going about my business. It really aided my process. Every time I thought about keeping something, I would look at the filth on my computer screen and wa-la. I wanted to throw the thing away.

I highly suggest this method of motivation to anyone who has put off cleaning out. It will make you afraid to keep your junk. It's great.

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Tonight's Shopping Trip

This is our plan of attack for tonight's shopping trip. We'll be moving in a few weeks, so we're trying to eat down some of our stockpile. On the upside, groceries for $5 is just fine with me. ;)

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Move

It's 100% official. We're moving.

The position has been accepted. We've told our bosses. We've started packing.

The next thing to do is... find a place to live.

This is where we're moving - Avon Park, FL.
Unfortunately, we are moving at the "wrong" time. Snowbirds are starting to come down from the North and are driving up the cost of rentals. Poo.

In order to try to get something while prices are relatively low, hubby and I are making a dash down there this weekend (4.5 hours one way). We are praying that the right place for us simply presents itself. You're welcome to pray along if you like.

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Target Mobile Coupons

Another way to save at Target!

  • $3/1 Fan Central Item from the Sporting Goods Dept (can’t wait to check this one out)
  • $0.50/1 Up & Up Facial Care Item
  • $1/1 People Magazine (nice, cause I really want to find out about Kate Gosselin’s beauty secrets…{snicker} )
  • $7/1 Crest 3D Professional Effects Whitestripes
    stack with $5/1 Select Crest Whitening Products, exp. 9-30-10 (P&G 08/29/10)
  • $1/1 Pizza Hut Menu Item in the Target Cafe
  • $5/1 Kodak Picture Movie DVD or photo book from Target Photo Lab
If you have not signed up for Target Mobile Coupons, you can sign up here with your mobile telephone number.

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Today Only! Shape Magazine for $2.99/year!

You can grab yourself a subscription (up to 3 years!) to Shape for $2.99 a year. I love this magazine, but always think it's so expensive. I signed myself up for 3 years for under $9. Can't beat that! In order to get this deal you MUST enter the coupon code SHAPE at checkout!

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Grocery Tracking 7/11 to 9/18

Since I "got serious" about couponing, I have been tracking my savings. I wanted to know if all the work was worth it. I began this process on the 11th of July this past year. Each week I log my savings from coupons, store sales, how much I spent, and calculate my total savings in dollars as well as a percentage.

Since that time I have spent a grand total of $211.87, and saved $1,034.72. $540.83 of that savings is from coupons. My savings expressed as a percentage from July 11th through the end of this week comes to 83% even.

Not going to lie - I'm pretty impressed with myself. :)

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Publix Trip 9/16

Here's the break-down of this week's Publix trip:

2 14lb containers of Tidy Cats cat litter - 2 for $10
4 containers Quaker Quick Oats - BOGO at $2.63
1 half-gallon of Blue Bell ice cream - $3.99
2 cans Campell's Select Harvest Soups - BOGO at 2.39
2 bags of Doritos - BOGO at $3.99

1 box Finish Quantam dish detergent - $2.99

1 P.F. Changs meal for two - $6.99
1 bottle Bayer Aspirin - $1.99
1 Gallon Arizona Tea - $2.99

4 1/4 gallon containers of Lactaid Milk - $2.19 each
Bartlett Pears - $1.34
Fuji Apples - $1.01

Total before coupons: $51.70
                                  -$5/$50 Publix Coupon
                                  -2 $5/$20 Save-a-Lot Coupon



2 $1/1 Tidy Cats
4 $1/1 Quaker Oatmeal
2 $1/1 Campbells Soup
$1/1 Blue Bell Ice Cream
$1/1 Finish Detergent
$1/1 Bayer Aspirin
$2/1 P.F. Changs Meal
$1.50/1 P.F. Changs Meal (Target Q)
4 $2/1 Lactaid Milk


Coupon Total: $22.50 (+ $15 from above = 37.50) Spent (including tax): $15.32  Saved: $60.69 (79.84%)

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Joy to my newly-colored world!

I officially have a new hobby addiction. Not only is it a fun way to make old things look new, it's cheap. That's right. I adore spray painting. Frames, baskets, mirrors, you name it, I think it needs some love from a Valspar can. I literally walk through my house looking for something to spray paint. Hubby comes home each day wondering what will be spiffy and shiny. I think he likes it.

Most recently (yesterday afternoon) I decided to paint the dresser in the spare room antique white. I took the the knobs off and painted the drawers. Everything seemed good, my dark wood dresser I bought from Goodwill for $15 was slowly being transformed into something light and pretty. Then I pulled the frame out to the patio and set to sprayin' away. It wasn't long until I realized that I needed more paint. My estimated paint need was desperately off. I went to Michael's (where all Valspar spray paints are 60% off right now - glory!) only to find that some greedy, inconsiderate person bought up all of my color. I can't find any of that color anywhere. So... 4 white drawers, a white top and front, dark wood sides. Awesome.

In addition to this predicament, when I moved my half-finished work of art inside for the night Hubby sweetly pointed out that my painting job isn't what you would call even traditional. When light hits it just so, you can see that dark wood trying to peep out. I really don't appreciate it. I may have to take a paint brush to the sucker.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Free Jr. Shake at Arby's

I realize that this is terrible for you, but if you find yourself needing a little Jamocha in your life before 9/21, use this to get it for $0.

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Babies 'R' Us Rant

I have never in my life seen so much stuff that no one could possible need in one place. Really. Just because the item is smaller and they label it "baby" doesn't mean that if you have a baby you need it. Here's to those who make their money by undermining the confidence of soon-to-be and new parents, seducing them with their shiny shelves and orthodontic, BPA-free, self-sanitizing pacifiers (with matching cases you can purchase for $6.99). 

I thought it would be fun to look at a sampling of what Baby Mecca has to offer:

Giving your child a head start in life is a task not to be taken lightly. Exhibit A: The Baby Plus Prenatal Education System. Strap this fannypack-esque baby on and grow your baby's brain. $150 is a perfectly reasonable price for a item whose effectiveness cannot be tested or proven, right? I mean, not buying it would be shooting Junior in his developmental foot.

She loves her kid more than you love yours.

Next up: Baby Surveillance. Traditional baby monitors are a thing of the past. Now you can install a terrible quality camcorder to watch your baby sleep. This is great because opening a door quietly is really hard. Another bonus is that at night, it shines LED lights on Junior so as not to interfere with your ability to stare at the him at the darkest of hours. Sure, his retinas may detach because you never let his eyes rest, but hey, it's worth it. Just to be safe. Also, as he grows up you can mount it in his car... a product that adapts to your child's age: priceless (or $180).
The 007 Baby Line

Next up on the must-have list is this car seat travel bag. Since the car seat wasn't designed with travel in mind, this is a definite need. At $50, who could say no?
Case or no case, that sucker is not fitting in an overhead bin. But it is a sexy look.

Do you remember those days when you would crawl around and your knees would get dirty and *gasp* bruised? No? Well, if you did it would be a bad memory. Protect your child from a bad experience they will never remember with these little babies. Now Junior can slip and slide on hard surfaces in pathetic attempts to move rather than sustain the horrid injuries you were subjected to. A steal at $3/pair.

How did generations of people get through family road trips with out a handy-dandy portable training potty? Well, for all those times you wished for a pee container that goes back in the car with you after use, your prayers have been answered. After all, making a child go at a rest stop or gas station is simply absurd.
Who wouldn't want to scar their child by making them poo on the side of the road?

Free(ish) Personalized Calendar!

Visit this website to get yourself a free personalized calendar. Not only can you upload your favorite pictures, but you can have important dates printed for you. No messy ink reminders... I love it! Birthdays, Anniversaries, Holidays - all clearly marked and ready to go. You do have to pay for shipping (although you should always check as they are always getting new deals), but that amounts to $5. It's worth it to me. I don't want a calendar that has pictures of birds when I can have one that doubles as a picture frame. Enjoy!

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Friday, September 10, 2010

Saving on the "Good Stuff"

I just got an email from Farm Fresh with a coupon for $2 off any $4+ purchase of Perdue Chicken. Every two weeks or so I get a coupon for some type of fresh groceries - eggs, milk, meat, produce. It is especially nice since these items rarely have coupons. If you would like to take advantage of their offers, you can sign up here.

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Virtual Savings

I love to shop with coupons. I love to shop sales with coupons. But there are those days when you really, really want (or need) to do a little online shopping. Sometimes you can get a fabulous deal, other times a little help is necessary. Enter

I can consistently find coupon codes for free shipping, a percentage off an entire purchase, or a free gift. I NEVER buy anything offline until I have checked with this site first.