Tuesday, August 17, 2010

To Risk, or Not to Risk?

All this thinking about moving has me feeling excited, adventurous, and a little scared. The town we would be moving to is a little 4 hours from where we are currently and a little under 2 hours from our families' homes. We don't know anyone in this town and it is quite small - small enough that I don't know that I will be able to find even part-time work (thankfully his salary would cover everything we need, but I would like to have the option). Hubby currently has a job that makes up the difference between my salary and the amount required by bills, but that's all it does. We have a tiny, and I mean tiny, emergency fund, credit card debt and student loans. So... if we move and things go south we very well may end up having to sell everything we have and move in with Hubby's parents. I love his parents and honestly, as far as living with family goes, I can't imagine a better situation. I would just like to love them from my own house. You understand.
On the other hand, should things be as we hope, this job/move would be like being led out of the desert into the promised land. You think I'm being melodramatic. I'm not. We've been married almost 14 months, and have been spinning our proverbial wheels both financially and in regard to careers. We're just ready. Do I hear a "set, go"?

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