Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I want to relocate, but I don't want to move...

Hubby and I are facing the very real possibility of a move. Nothing is for sure, but if the decision is made it will likely be a very quick move... as in a month or less. Being the Type A personality that I am, I naturally want to be as prepared as possible for if/when that gun goes off and it is time to go. I am resisting (successfully at the moment, but I can't comment on my stamina) the urge to take all the books off my shelves and box them up. I mean, I can always put them back if we end up staying, right? I am researching moving strategies... no joke... and thinking through the best ways to go about the task, should it present itself. I just want to do something, anything that will make me feel more prepared. I would really welcome the transfer, I just wish there was a simple way to move our stuff.

I find this picture completely amusing. I look nothing like this when I move. 1) I generally have at least one meltdown the day of 2) They aren't sweaty 3) Is that make-up I see? 4) Their house is clean.

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