Saturday, September 25, 2010

Nothing Good Comes from 2 am Postings, but I'm Doing it Anyway

It's 2:28 am.

I'm awake.

I hate it.

I'm not awake because I'm sick. I'm not up because I'm taking care of someone else who is sick. I'm up because I am staying at a pretty icky hotel (by my standards anyway). This is my first, and hopefully last, experience sleeping at an Econo-Lodge. Why the fancy diggs, you ask? Because it's the best Sebring, FL has to offer.

I knew from the time we pulled up that this was going to be bad. There's not anything "wrong" with the place, per se, it just has that feel to it. When we walked in our room was definitely cool and even more definitely humid. Ick. There is no mini iron (that I was counting on to chase the wrinkles out of my Sunday morning skirt), puny curtains that don't quite block the light from the blaring hall fixtures, and no clock in the room anywhere. Also featured are: pillows that are so over-stuffed you could break your neck on them and toilet whose lever must be held down for 20 seconds before it will flush.

Add to this situation a recently viewed program on bed bugs and you have a recipe for hotel disaster.

That hubby of mine booked this place at the suggestion of a friend. I'm really beginning to think that we need to go to the Residence Inn or Holiday Inn Express tomorrow night.

I am in total disbelief that I will have to wake up for an 8:30 breakfast tomorrow. Even worse, I will be meeting some people we will be working closely with for the first time. Any thoughts I had about being charming are quickly evaporating. 

You are my nemesis.

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  1. I vote for Residence Inn tonight. Hang in there, Honey! Just remember to smile and the wrinkly skirt won't matter. :)