Monday, September 27, 2010

Search for Casa de Wadley, Part 1

Hubby and I spent the weekend looking for our new abode. The trip was... eventful. It started with me ever so sweetly offering to drive down so over-tired hubby could sleep. This went just fine (since I had a book on CD) until the rain hit. Then came traffic. Then traffic and rain together.

I knew most of the way since we had a straight shot down I-95 then took I-4 through Orlando - both of these roads are familiar territory, so I drove along with no concern. Until Hubby woke up and asked where we were. "Still North of Lakeland" I replied confidently. "What?!" my groggy husband exclaimed. I assured him he shouldn't worry because he told me I didn't have to look for US 27 (our exit) until we were South of Lakeland. Apparently, he thought he was telling me that our destination was South of Lakeland. Oops. We were practically in Tampa.

Given my directional challenges, we should have set the GPS up the second we knew I was going to drive. Just for safety's sake. Now we had added an extra 45 minutes to our trip. Great.

When we checked in to our hotel, I thought the worst was over. Wrong.

After struggling to make it through the night, our alarm didn't go off. The result was a mad scramble to get to the restaurant in time for breakfast. There's nothing like starting a long day in a rush.

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