Thursday, September 16, 2010

Joy to my newly-colored world!

I officially have a new hobby addiction. Not only is it a fun way to make old things look new, it's cheap. That's right. I adore spray painting. Frames, baskets, mirrors, you name it, I think it needs some love from a Valspar can. I literally walk through my house looking for something to spray paint. Hubby comes home each day wondering what will be spiffy and shiny. I think he likes it.

Most recently (yesterday afternoon) I decided to paint the dresser in the spare room antique white. I took the the knobs off and painted the drawers. Everything seemed good, my dark wood dresser I bought from Goodwill for $15 was slowly being transformed into something light and pretty. Then I pulled the frame out to the patio and set to sprayin' away. It wasn't long until I realized that I needed more paint. My estimated paint need was desperately off. I went to Michael's (where all Valspar spray paints are 60% off right now - glory!) only to find that some greedy, inconsiderate person bought up all of my color. I can't find any of that color anywhere. So... 4 white drawers, a white top and front, dark wood sides. Awesome.

In addition to this predicament, when I moved my half-finished work of art inside for the night Hubby sweetly pointed out that my painting job isn't what you would call even traditional. When light hits it just so, you can see that dark wood trying to peep out. I really don't appreciate it. I may have to take a paint brush to the sucker.

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