Thursday, July 22, 2010

Marriage Challange - Day 1 (7/22)

Part One (AM):

This morning I let Hubby Dear stay in bed while I fed the cats, put my waffles in the toaster and checked my email. This means that the sweet greeting we were assigned to give at the beginning of the day was postponed until he groggily walked into the kitchen. I actually think the effect was accentuated by his being at least partly coherent. All I said was "I love you," followed by "I'm glad you married me." The response was a little bit of surprise and "I'm glad you said yes." Not bad for a start, methinks.

Part Two (PM):

When I got home from work Hubby Dear and I went to work on the ribs we had for supper. As we were waiting for the grill fire to burn correctly, I told him that I am so glad the Lord brought us together the way he did. I also reminded HD how proud I am of him and that I am always on his side. Honestly, when I first read the assignment for day 1 I was a little skeptical. It seemed so unnecessarily mushy. It ended up being much less awkward than I had anticipated. In addition, I think it worked. Even just a few words can have an affect. :)

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