Thursday, September 23, 2010

With a Little Help from my Friends...

Sum of all Fears

Hubby and I have started the task of boxing up our life. It is shocking how much junk we have. I have gone through each room with a trash bag and just tossed things that are obviously trash: old receipts lying on the counters, junk mail, etc. I then went through the drawers of my dressing table (gasp), which had a shocking abundance of bent up bobby pins, 2-year-old lipstick, broken blush, and ink-less pens. Trash. I moved on to the bathroom. I cleaned out the medicine cabinet, the drawers and the cabinets and found - trash.

What is wrong with me? I never use lip-liner, so why on earth did I have three of them? Trash. Broken compact? Trash. Mini bottles of shampoo and conditioner? Homeless shelter. I got into a really nice groove. I felt good. I was making progress.

I was also watching Hoarders on Netflix while I was going about my business. It really aided my process. Every time I thought about keeping something, I would look at the filth on my computer screen and wa-la. I wanted to throw the thing away.

I highly suggest this method of motivation to anyone who has put off cleaning out. It will make you afraid to keep your junk. It's great.

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  1. Right with you, although not for moving's sake. This Saturday, I will shamelessly pour 1/2 of our worldly possessions out onto the driveway in hopes of trading unused toddler toys, shoes, and maternity clothes for blessed empty space...and maybe even a few $$'s! FEELS SOOOOO GOOD!

  2. It's definitely the most healthy kind of purging!

  3. I LOVE that show! Ryan watched one episode with me, and ever since then he says I'm just like "that lady" (the one on the episode whose house was disgusting). According to him, I only like that show because I'm a packrat myself! But really I think it's just because I have a sick fascination with hoarders. Haha.

  4. Plus, doesn't it just make you feel better about yourself?

  5. It actually makes me feel scared for myself! I'm worried that one day I will become one of those people!